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How does your blog look in plain text πŸ€”

waylonwalker profile image Waylon Walker ・1 min read

I was recently logged into a remote server and needed to look up one of my blog posts. Feeling a bit lazy I just w3m And to my surprise the homepage didn't look half bad, but the posts themself, actually look great. I love the terminal but am far from doing everything from the terminal. This may be a new way for me to peruse my own blogs.

My Homepage

Home Page


Post from my blog

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coreyja profile image
Corey Alexander

Phew 😌

I was worried mine was gonna be worse, but its functional and doesn't look half bad! Tried lynx and w3m to compare results!


Home page in lynx
Blog post in lynx

Lynx Notes: The colors seem to at least partially be coming from my CSS and the contrast is pretty bad on some of the text. I worked on that for in a browser before but might need to take a look into why this is happening here.


Home page in w3m
Blog post in w3m

w3m Notes: I like the layout of the lynx home page better. This didn't line break as well as lynx did but its still workable, just not as easy to quickly parse down. But I think due to the contrast I find the actual blog post MUCH easier to read in w3m

vonheikemen profile image

I looked around and it turns out those colors lynx shows are from a "theme", the default color scheme. I have been playing around with the config file for the theme and made slightly better: here is the link.

Also, because I had nothing better to do I made myself a few function for my .zshrc

# Transform the arguments into a valid url querystring
urlencode() {
  local args="$@"
  jq -nr --arg v "$args" '$v|@uri'; 

# Query duckduckgo
duckduckgo() {
 lynx -lss=~/.config/lynx/lynx.lss "$(urlencode "$@")"

To make it more convenient you can make an alias (or two).

alias ddg='duckduckgo'
alias '?'='duckduckgo'
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Waylon Walker Author

Gatsby for the win! Text-based browsers work surprisingly well with static generated sites.

coreyja profile image
Corey Alexander

Ya it's been a while since I messed with Gatsby stuff and I didn't remember how good the no-js story was, so was more than happily surprised!

Been thinking of making sure the no-js experience wasn't awful so thanks for the kick in the right direction!

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Tim Downey

TIL about w3m. 🀯

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker Author • Edited

An <hr> tag will generate horizontal rule lines in w3m.

hr tag in w3m

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

It seems to be OK. My intention was to maximize accessibility in the first place as well.

The only may-be-problematic part, is that it asks for several cookies...