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re: There are 9 falsy values in JavaScript inside of a browser. Can you name them all? VIEW POST

re: I guess just a familiar JS environment (some of us grew up with)... I think the amazing thing is, if the browser complies to JS, there is no way th...

Good write-up!

One note though... Actually, technically speaking, and according to the JavaScript specs (ECMA 262), there are only 7 values that are Falsy, meaning that they are considered false when encountered in a Boolean context.
And when it comes to document.all it's not part of the JavaScript specs per se. It's part of the DOM API (W3C), which browser-based only (Node.js doesn't have a document object, nor a DOM).

Cheers ;)

It is 7 but not 8? Which one is not listed... (I tried to search for "falsy" or "falsey" in that docs but can't find any match)... true, document.all really is inside of a browser only, so I think I will update the post

oh... not counting -0... depending on how you look at it. It can be incorrect, because 0 and -0 are technically different.

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