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"Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.”


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Tmux para iniciantes

direto ao ponto, valeu mano ótimo artigo

How to ace zsh's villain on vscode

Fico feliz em ajudar manoooo, sofri pra desenrolar isso rs

Optional handmade chaining 🤓

Clean and beauty, thanks bro

Optional handmade chaining 🤓

Suhsiajaidjdi it's ALL folks xD

Optional handmade chaining 🤓

Awesome tip fude, thank u for sharing 🌞🤘

Ever seen a 360° resume?


Create README test coverage badges from istanbul reports

It's useful, thanks for sharing

Run Google's Lighthouse under authenticated websites

awesome dude

How to uncouples emit events from connection event into and express

I'm happy to have helped 🤘 + Bull 📨

Monstro demais

NestJS: Getting Started with SequilizeJS

Do you have normal sequelize migrations with sequelize-cli ...

What have I learned in January of 2020


Intro to Postgres + GraphQL with PostGraphile

Nice article! I have a question, why do you choose postgraphi...

Programming Paradigms: Structured

Awesome 🤘

How to test Svelte components

I've been looking for posts about it, yours was very concis...

How to test Svelte components

Awesome post

Paradigmas de Programação

Muito foda 🤘

How to document a nodejs api with apidoc

Great post dude 🤩

Coalescing operator and Compound assignment operator in C#


How to make a form handling with vuex

Awesome post, congrats gomito 🤘

Currying in JS 🤠

Yeah, it's a technique, but why this isn't about minimizing...

Currying in JS 🤠

Thanks for the explanation,I tried to introduce the charact...

Running Linux Bash Shell in Windows 🤯

Kkkkkkk you are anoying

Running Linux Bash Shell in Windows 🤯

where in my post did i say this is something new? Just said...

Running Linux Bash Shell in Windows 🤯

But still awesome 😌

Um pouco de clean code com Clojure 🔮

I Will translate that to english ☺️ I'm from Brazil and I s...

Building a real-time data streaming app with Apache Kafka

Thanks for this

Painless way to detect if your Vue app is offline 😎

I believe that it implements some event listeners along wit...

How to update with inner join on PostgreSQL 🐘

Done 🤩


Thank you for this post! If you put "javascript" term after...

Making Your First VR App With React360


So you think you know JavaScript?

amazing post, opened doors of my perception, things like micr...

Faster way to appendElements in js 👨🏻‍💻

Thanks for the reply, I Will study Thais, for improve my co...

Faster way to appendElements in js 👨🏻‍💻

Hi Andrei, I can't see a solid example in your link, Can yo...