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How I downgrade Flutter SDK version in November 2021

Downgraded flutter version

I've just do a college task, and yeah they provide the source code which I need to re-write it on my own IDE, but after that there is lot of problems with "can not null", after a bit of research then I realize that the flutter SDK version in my task example is 2.2.3 which is lower than mine 2.2.5

Well, when I try to change my flutter version to 2.2.3 too in the error seem to be decreased and nomore "can not null" error message.

So, I decide to downgrade my flutter version in my local machine too. Here are my step to do that :

# check first my current version
flutter --version

# change flutter channel, but mostly it will on stable by default
flutter channel stable

# the most important things, fetch any new thing from flutter repo
git pull

# the use downgrade command, it should download some of component/dependencies needed for flutter 2.2.3
flutter downgrade 2.2.3

# after that you may see error "There is no previosly recorde" but it's OK

# run flutter doctor the you may see that your flutter version was changed
flutter doctor

# just to make sure, check agai our flutter version

flutter --version
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Yeahh boii...

I don't know why it works ?

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