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Discussion on: PHP sucks, can it suck less?

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PHP is by design a Software "development" tool.

Most other languages are by design Software "programming" tool and their users "the programmers, not the developers" seem not to understand software "development".


  • Business with strong relational processes that need less mathematical abstractions and wel organisation (such as governance) can better rely on a Software "development" tool.

  • Business with weak relational processes that need more mathematical abstractions (such as machinery) and less organisation can better rely on a Software "programming" tool.

Don't call yourself software developer if you are writing code to draw 3D things, you are a programmer.
A software "developer" pays much more attention on dependency management and a solution that route to the correct content (or a result-set) delivery. The info.
A software "programmer" pays much more attention on problems solving and a solution that output a correct result. The truth.

Both programming and development languages interact with human user.
However programming languages relying software operate in a limited namespace and respond with similar answer.
While development language relying software operate in wide namespace and adapt to the environmental-intention to respond with different answer for each different interaction.

In short,
if the content-delivery software is mapping to a solution for to multi-human-users and has to face them with various answers, then use a software development tool.

if the result-delivery software is processing to a solution for a human or machine and has to face him/her/it with single truth, then use a software programming tool.

Bonus 1,
Do not hurt yourself by a programming language if your business has to face internet-users. "face....", you've got this :)
Bonus 2,
Technically, an overlapping circles algorithm is way better than other social tools, but remember! the result on the internet is a big fail, hallo google+.

Smart people waste their life to stupid things too, to envision things better play the game of coincidences.

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Igor Stojanovski

That's a interesting theoretical insight into the distinction between programing and development. On the other hand, it seems that there is a fundamental lack of understanding of the symbolic and practical use of color in web design.