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VYou guide: CLI

VYou CLI is a central piece of VYou software. With only this tool, you will be able to start developing your own application using VYou on your local machine.

VYou CLI: guide for developers

VYou CLI stands for command line interface which is a text-based user interface (UI) used to run programs, manage computer files and interact with the computer. VYou is a CLI-based shell that offers users a concise and efficient mode of interacting with the OS, without requiring the overhead of a graphical user interface.

VYou CLI can help you to:

  • Set up your local development environment with a dev-server as close as possible to production.
  • Create ready to use React components with a Codegen tool.

First of all we’re going to focus on the dev-server, once introduced the Web SDK you’ll learn more about the codegen.

VYou Dev-Server

In order to use our command line interface we just need to have Node.js 14+ installed. In order to install the package locally, we will be using:

npm i -g @vyou/cli

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Once you’ve installed the @vyou/cli package we’re ready to spin up the server just running:

vyou dev-server up

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You can always run vyou dev-server whenever you need help. That sub-command will print you available options and sub-commands as:


vyou dev-server <command> [options]

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   up Starts the development server 
   stop Stops the development server  
   logs Shows development server logs 
   config Runs configuration wizard     

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up options:

--frontend PORT El puerto donde se sirve su frontend--backoffice PORT El puerto donde se sirve su backoffice--backend PORT El puerto donde su servidor backend está escuchando--docker-pull Extrae nuevas imágenes Docker y recrea contenedores
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In case you are developing your own frontend, you can map it with vyou. By doing this, your frontend is able to communicate with the vyou backend using first-party cookies and you don’t need to use tokens to secure your vyou calls to the backend. For example, if you have your frontend running on http://localhost:3000, you can start your dev-server using this command:

vyou dev-server up --frontend 3000

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VYou Codegen

Regarding the Codegen, @vyou/cli has the code generation command which we believe is going to help you to scale your app really fast.

The only requirements to do so are:

  • Make sure you have @vyou/cli installed

  • Make sure you have vyou.config.json file inside your app project directory

Once we have these components, we can run this command:

vyou codegen ./src -o

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After running this command VYou will generate ready-to-use React components inside ./src/vyou folder (the -o option overwrites the contents of that folder without asking you to confirm).

In a few seconds you will be able to import the following components:

  • Provider
  • Sign up form
  • Set password form
  • Complete profile form
  • Forgot password form
  • Login form
  • Stripe payment/subscription form

Having VYou CLI you will have access to the sources & components, so you will always be able to use the components as you want, with a fully customized experience. On top of that you will be able to work locally with all VYou features in seconds.

Learn more about VYou asking for a FREE demo here. For more details about integrations & code implementation, check our documentation.

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