re: Which computer era would have been the most exciting to take part in? VIEW POST

re: It depends on the individual but the next. The very next era. It's going to be the best, most crazy, most fun yet. Broadband arrival was fun. S...

Hold tight @peter & check my last tweet at Ben.

The signallers & fakes are about to experience a washout.

I strongly suggest you all start doing some provable, public good. Nobody wants a tarnished resume next. Talking about safe spaces & being great while this goes on around you is a bad look (or on wrong side).

How many lawyers read this?
Notice the named people in the title. This is a hint.

So 30m devs should learn how to be a better human, but avoid any serious problems in tech, is that a joke or gaslight?

If you think I came for the dev chat, badges or likes, you are not paying attention.

I only write stuff I can refer to later.

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