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It depends on the individual but the next. The very next era.

It's going to be the best, most crazy, most fun yet.

Broadband arrival was fun. SEO was fun. Win arrival too.

Stuff older than that was mostly not as cool as it now appears, polished for decades but there was no internet for most people (prior to 2000 ish), 99% didn't know what was going on. Downloading an MP3 was an achievement. Lots of rose colored glasses. It wasn't immersive for almost everyone.


Hold tight @peter & check my last tweet at Ben.

The signallers & fakes are about to experience a washout.

I strongly suggest you all start doing some provable, public good. Nobody wants a tarnished resume next. Talking about safe spaces & being great while this goes on around you is a bad look (or on wrong side).

How many lawyers read this?
Notice the named people in the title. This is a hint.

So 30m devs should learn how to be a better human, but avoid any serious problems in tech, is that a joke or gaslight?

If you think I came for the dev chat, badges or likes, you are not paying attention.

I only write stuff I can refer to later.

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