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re: no at the moment but your karma is :) DevToKarma.new('vuild').karma => 4

Thanks. Is that good? 🤣

Personally, I am not a fan of karma or point scoring on forums as the whole thing devolves into a competition for Karma not skills (I like your skills, I don't care about your karma). Your algo on serps/posts may be interesting but it's not my site so it's not up to me.

I try to maintain the lowest karma around. 😳

your opinion is reasonable, but competition serves to improve more and more :).

Agreed. But the 'karma club' starts to come into play (brigading/upvotings/sockpuppets/'leaders'). It speeds things up & shortens product lifecycle.

This is why followers are hidden rn. Same principles. Though the problem with hiding it is someone with 40yrs experience vs someone with 3 weeks is less clear & the equal platform aspect substantially degrades the quality of the info provided but real experts & inflates nonsense/weak knowledge.

Using your algo on search would surface better code (people) which makes everything better.

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