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Discussion on: Tips for writing great Svelte tests

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Gábor Soós • Edited

I've tried it out, works like a charm!

One more question: is it possible to test a component with getContext without a wrapper component?

Here is an example:

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Daniel Irvine 🏳️‍🌈 Author

Glad to hear it worked! 🎉

Not sure about getContext. I vaguely recall looking into it and figuring out that getContext expects to be called as part of a render cycle of a component tree, which you can’t easily fake.

If you’re comfortable with relying on internal APIs like $on then one thing you could do is use the tutorial view for context ( Choose JS output and explore the JS code that Svelte products for your component. Dig through to learn how setContext and getContext work. It might give you a solution. Failing that, use the Svelte source on GitHub. Let me know if you figure something out--I’d be interested to know.