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Discussion on: Build a movie search app using the Vue Composition API

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Gábor Soós Author • Edited

Interesting solution, definitely an eye-catcher

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thx _, concent is born for react, and power react from inside to outside.

1 predictable:
concent take over react.setState, and dispatch feature is base on setState, so every state changing behavior is predictable, no matter use setState or dispatch
see demo below:

2 zero-cost-use:
cause setState can be interactive with store, so you can use concent by register api on your classical react class writing without changing any code.
see demo below:

3 progressive
you can separate your business logic code to reducer from class later. it will keep your view clean.
see demo below:

4 high performance
with watchedKeys, renderKey, lazyDispatch, delayBroadcast features, concent render every view block only when it really need to been re-rendered
see watchedKeys demo:
see renderKey demo:

5, enhance react
computed, watch, effect, setup and etc... both of them are designed for react honestly
see demo below:

because concent is quick new, so very less people know it, hope u can try it and give me feedback.

by the way: my en is not good, wish u understand what I said_^