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Thank you for writing! I saw some notations that I haven't used myself, so I'll have to keep those in mind. I was surprised to see the shorthand for <Fragment>, only to find out that it has been in React since 2017 :(

I've been trying to into Hooks (I have some projects with classbased components that could benefit from it). So when I got to the part referencing Hooks, I was a little bummed out that the article stopped there. Maybe it would make a nice subject voor a next article.


Sure! I can write a follow-up on how to think state and lifecycle the "2020 way". I saw several articles talking about how to move from class methods to hooks, but the idea behind hooks is doing things differently, not doing the same things with a different syntax.

Follow me either in here or in Twitter and I'll write that article soon.

Thanks for the inspiration, I'll mention this comment in the next post if you don't mind 😊


You have a new follower! While you are at it, it might be interesting if you can share your thoughts on (shared) state with useState and userReducer in comparison with Redux. As again, I have some projects on which Redux was used, but I have the feeling that the dependency on Redux could be dropped by using use* + Provider. At the same time, Redux might be the better choice for certain problems/scenarios.

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