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Discussion on: Do you use caching in your CI/CD pipelines?

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Valentin Sawadski (he/him) Author

True, you should always use explicit versioning in your Dockerfile, to have reproducible builds.

But even without it, caching should work and speed up things and the build should be able to work for as long as you keep the cache. At least I don’t see a reason why caching unversioned commands should break the build.

I do see the point that, if the cache gets dropped for whatever reason, you may end up with a different build as different version of the dependencies may get installed (which you probably don’t want if you aim for reproducible builds).

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

The flip side though is that sometimes you want (or even need) to always be using the latest versions of dependencies. For example, where I work we use Docker as part of our process of building native DEB/RPM packages for various distros (because it lets us make the process trivially portable), and in that case, we always want to be building against whatever the latest versions of our dependencies are so that the resulting package installs correctly.

In such a situation, caching the Docker build results can cause that requirement for tracking the latest dependency versions to be violated.