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How to Repair Online Reputation Marketing Fast In 2020

Let's just start with two major facts that caught my eyes today, the first one is that “there are 4.66 billion internet users in the world today” and the second one is that “85 Percent of internet users conduct online research Before buying anything Online”. According to research conduct by SEO Service provider company SAG IPL, "user satisfaction is the Number #1 SEO Ranking Factor".
Online Reputation Marketing
In this world with a population of around 7.8 billion, almost half the population uses the internet and 85% of them do research before purchasing anything online, while they do research they just put Company/ brand/ product/service name in the search bar and hit enter and every single detail of the product, company or service will be visible on the SERPs.

We can assume here that how much Online Reputation of the company, person, product, or services matters these days. Online reputations basically include reviews, comments, ratings, customer’s post (blog, social), etc. These elements, whether it is about you, your business or products can influence the decision of potential customers so easily.

Someone’s angry comment, review, bad buzz, negative news, or especially video can ruin everything and cause harm to your business and sales, that’s why Online business and business owners are always looking for methods and solutions to prevent negative information from Spreading Online.

Can you prevent negative information from spreading online?

Our answer is No, you cannot. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you can’t control what people are posting about you online, you can’t control anyone's words, thoughts, and emotions.

So, how to maintain a positive perception of you or your business on people?

Instead of waiting for magic that can change people's minds and motivate them to remove their bad buzz, You can showcase more positive information about you or your business.

So How can you do that?

Online Reputation Management which is also known as Online Reputation Repair is the perfect solution. And that’s what we are covering here today. Before going deep into this subject we also want to make you aware of how to check your current online reputation in SERPs, and how to stay up-to-date about it or lets know how to outrank your competitor using SAG IPL Onpage SEO Services.

Find What People Are Talking About You Online

Talking About You Online
There are a few methods that will help you to find out what is the current status and also to keep eyes on everything that is about you or your business. So here we are enlisting 3 such methods below.

Google Search

Google Search
Just Google your Name and Business Name together, and carefully check the results on the first page. Is there anything negative that appears about you or your business?

No? Great, If there is nothing negative about you up to the third page then you just have to take care of the future incident, but if there is something that can harm your reputation then connect a reputed SEO company that provides Online Reputation Management services.

Thus a simple Google search can provide a rough idea of your reputation, but only rough, because Google Search doesn’t often include Social media data on its SERPs.

Google Alert

It is a well-known and free service from Google that can help you stay up-to-date with the stuff related to your name and business on the Internet. The tool is very easy to use, visit the Google Alert website and log in with your Gmail id, and create Google Alerts for your name and business name together and separately. In this way, you will receive detailed and more comprehensive results.


Mention is an all in one powerful web monitoring tool that will track web, blogs, forums, social media, etc. to let you know about what and where people are talking about you and your business. Mention has a good UI and it will make online reputation repair easier because you can track almost all major social networks, news, reviews, blog, forums, and review sites.


The buffer needs no introduction, and some recent updates made it even better and powerful. With Buffer you can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can use this platform to know what people are talking about you and with some new features you can also post your reply easily.

Hashtags and Mentions

Hashtags and Mentionst
For every business Creating brand hashtags and mentions/ handlers and popularising them on social media platforms become very important these days. Hashtags will keep you informed about everything people are talking about, writing, posting, and sharing about you or your brands. People also look for the way you or your business are handling all the negative posts and comments thus you can also post responses/ reply with hashtags.

So finally you know what people are talking about you, now if you and your business received mostly positive mentions, reviews, and comments then you surely deserve a pat on your back. Whereas, If you have negative comments, posts, reviews, and information then you need an SEO company that provides Online Reputation Management services.

I guess you probably want to know about how companies can provide Online Reputation Repair services and how it can help you and your services. So, Don’t worry, we will explain to you everything under our next two headings.

How Online Reputation Repair Works

Repair Works
Online Reputation Repair service is a combination of various internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media optimization (SMO) techniques. And by combining all companies and experts to build a positive online image of a client whether a business or person.

Basically, people learn about you or your business from Social media or search engines so reputed companies such as SAG IPL practice online reputation repair strategies to repair online reputation on search results as well as social media. We are explaining both below.

How to Repair Online Reputation

There are some proven strategies that will help to repair online reputation easily and very effectively and that’s what we are exactly explaining after this point in this article.

Online Reputation Management on Social Media

ORM on Social Media
After going through the above methods you will find out the negative buzz about you and your business, people are talking and posting online. So, here we are providing some strategies you can follow to repair or improve your online reputation on social media platforms:

  • Do not allow posts on your Facebook account
  • Always respond, and respond it as a business owner
  • Never make excuses for the problem, focus on solutions
  • Try to resolve the problem even if it requires some investment
  • Try to take it out of the spotlight
  • Stay away from negative things
  • Never feed social media trolls
  • Keep sharing positive news about you and your business
  • Stay polite while responding to tags, posts, and comments

Leading Social Media platforms have various tools, and features that can help you to engage with your audience without any worries and smoothly.

You or the hired company will spend 70% of their time and effort on handling negative buzz on social media and the remaining 30% on building a positive image on these platforms.

Reputation Management for Web Results

Web Results
This part will have different strategies for different cases. At first, you or the hired company have to find out all the places where bad buzz or negative information has been published, these websites can be anything from a reputed review website to blogs and forums. Basically, you have to displace these search results from the first three pages of Google search results. It is because only around 0.02% of searchers go beyond that.

So the main Question is How will you do that?

Maybe the reputation management for social media seems easier, but doing the same and getting the required result on web results is a bit complex.

After making a list of websites where something bad about you or your business has been published you need to check the authority of the domain/website. After that, you need to find websites with higher authority and you have to persuade their admins to publish positive news posted on such websites. Only half of them will get ready for it, after publishing the positive news about you and your company you need to promote such a website.

The work becomes complex if bad buzz is posted at some review websites. In such cases you really have to find a very powerful website to post or publish positive news so you can displace the review website with negative information from the search result.

The complete procedure will be on a case-by-case basis, everytime new strategy, web authority website will be used to repair the online reputation.

What about DIY online reputation repair? Will it be helpful?

Not every Time, It depends on the authority of the websites showing negative results, if such websites have low authority then you can do it by yourself but if they are good authority websites then definitely you need help from professionals.

Pro Online Reputation Repair Strategies

Online Reputation Repair Strategies
There are a few more proven strategies we found helpful and effective for repairing online reputation effectively, and engraving all of them below.

Create Multiple Blogs

Creating multiple blogs on high-authority websites is one of the most beneficial strategies to repair reputation online. In this way, you will get benefits of the power and higher authority of such blogging platforms.

Now if you like the idea, and wandering here and there in search of such a blogging platform having higher authority, we can reduce the load. Here we are enlisting some free websites/blogging platforms that have higher authority and also doesn’t cost a penny.

  • Quora
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Medium

Additionally, it is clearly observable that long LinkedIn posts also rank on Search Engine Results.

Write Guest Posts for Leading Websites

Write Guest Posts
The other strategy that will work surely is Guest Posts for Leading Websites, you need to find-out such leading websites that allow guest posting and then you need to talk to them and submit your article there.

Create and Maintain Blog

You should create and maintain a blog section on your business website that not only provides more info and details about the work you are doing. You also have to keep your blog up-to-date and well organised.

Get Influencers Spread a Word

To improve your online reputation you need to connect with the influencers of your field and share your ideas, thoughts, appreciate their words and you have to persuade them to spread positive info about you and your business.

People do search brands, people, products online, and the reputation of companies and people matter a lot these days thus you as a business owner need to take it seriously. Hiring a professional online reputation management service provider company such as SAG IPL can help you to stay top of the negative details, bad buzz and also maintain a good image of you and your business online for all the potential customers.

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