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It was a while ago. I am not sure what year

I'd previously been a museum assistant (stores) at the Museum of London and I fixed some database stuff there

Then I was unemployed for a bit and on benefits. After a few months they will start hassling you so I went to the job centre in Stratford London (where the Olympics were years later. I lived on the site of the velodrome for a while) and got a job at North East London Polytechnic selling floppy disks to students. I was on the pay roll for Central IT ( or whatever the dept for IT for the entire place was called) so this is definitely an IT job

Only trouble is, as I knew how to program and stuff within a few months I was on programming advisory telling PhD students how to fix their stuff

I think that was the second summer of love, 1987. There were raves.

There was no Internet. There was no web. I'd learnt C the previous year. I'd only been writing programs for 6 or 7 years

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