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Build unique DAO at a low price

So far, most of DAO tools rely on their own minted tokens. And the register cost of each DAO is a little bit expensive to ordinary people. Moreover, DAO will encounter the problem of the total amount of token issuance if it mint its own tokens.
Therefore, this article will recommend a decentralized DAO registrar for you, that is VORG.

VORG is a decentralized Virtual ORGanization and domain name registrar based on Ethereum. Virtual organization refers to individuals, groups, teams, organizations, companies, etc.
Registering a DAO on VORG only costs almost 0.02+ ether gas fee. Each DAO is globally exclusive, and since each DAO is associated with an exclusive domain name (except some special name), the domain name is also globally exclusive. You can use the technical tools provided by VORG to build your own website on your exclusive domain name.

In addition to this, every DAO on VORG can issue shares publicly. And shares can be additionally issued through capital increase and share expansion.

Of course, DAO also supports transfer. The DAO name resource can also be recycled through bankruptcy. This is a little bit similar to traditional domain name registration.

About how to register, issue shares, and configure dns, you can learn about it in my previous articles VORG: Decentralized company and domain name registry.

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