Discussion on: What is your top tool that most devs would be surprised you use regularly?

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They'd be surprised if they knew I don't use a language server, just good ol' universal-ctags.

Instead of a regular snippet plugin for vim I use abbreviations. What are those? read this to find out.

Recently I started using this task runner for project specific commands. Kinda like make, but cross-platform and uses YAML.

And also, I rarely use the mouse thanks to an innecesary complicated combination of tools that includes but it's not limited to qtile, rofi, neovim and vimium-ff.

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Igor Irianto

As a vim user, ctags is indispensable. Wish people would use it more.

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Ben Sinclair

I have had iabbr :poo: 💩 in my .vimrc for a million years. Very useful, these abbreviations :)

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just a few days ago I replaced Rofi, thing I would neve thought possible, is pretty awesome; the thing is that after years trying terminal emulator after term emulator, I've never found something better than XFCE4-terminal (yes I've used st, and yes I've patched it but with more tan 8 terminals open in fact eats more RAM than most and that without any goodies), I just found that XFCE4-terminal has dropdown included as an extra mode that does not affect the rest of the instances, even with it's own settings (you can even make it appear in the middle of the screen), so, new shortcut to my i3 (no, I don't use Arch) and got rid of my trusty Rofi, sorry Rofi, and now whenever I need a quick command or run something I just get the dropdown and voilá (I know there are many dropdowns but having more than 1 terminal emulator feels wrong, although I also have cool-retro-term, but is too visually awesome, it doesn't count as terminal, count as eye candy :) )

That's it, I just wanted to share my new discovery, maybe nothing new, but I really like it.