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Ode to the forgotten editor

Brackets, also known as Adobe Brackets, is a text editor. For a long time it was my preferred editor before moving on to fully fledged IDEs like PHPStorm. It has been killed mostly by Adobe (which moved most of its core team to work on Adobe Dreamweaver) and by Microsoft (due to the infamous Visual Studio Code).

Adobe Brackets was, is and will forever be my favorite text editor. Even with the lack of support, it is today a better text editor than a fully customized Visual Studio Code with tons of plugins.

Adobe Brackets reached End Of Life status on September 1st 2021 as Adobe finally pulled the plug. The cover is an hommage to the editor that got me through my self-teaching and my studies: My first editor opening my latest project.

I will forever be graceful for everyone who ever worked on Brackets or helped its community in any way, shape or form. If Adobe wasn't so stubborn on making Dreamweaver "usable" we would have Adobe Brackets as the main FOSS text editor of the entire programming community.

Farewell, you will always remain installed on my computers and future computers will always install a "portable" version in hommage to your greatness.

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