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How attacks on Ukraine showed us how fragile the "deontology" of the Tech World is

In a previous post, I go on a bit of a tangent about mixing politics and science and how it's always a bad idea.

The conflict involving Russia invading Ukraine has showed us how fragile the deontology of the Tech World is (if there were any to begin with). We're not talking boycott here, we're talking about preventing anyone from Russia to have access to some websites.

This may not please anyone out there, but I'm extremely against preventing anyone access to anything based on facts that are not up to them to control.

This shows how truly immature and how god-complex-striken the current Tech World is. People were afraid that "Big Tech" would have too much power and could do basically what they want. We laughed at them, but they were right. It's just been demonstrated: they cut-off Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

People have been posting on reddit asking about how to block anyone from Russia to access their website and so on.

I was gonna put on a grey hat if the opportunity to do anything meaningful ever came up. But this? This just got rid of my desire to help altogether.

I can't believe that the world is run by a bunch of man-child playing around with people's lives as if they held no meaning nor value.

You don't help anyone by doing this. Hell you don't even inconvenience the ones you want to inconvenience. All you do is become a thorn in the back of honest people who never asked for any of this.

Your 2-cents "activism", that is basically "do whatever with no consequences, don't care about collateral damage", disgusts me. We're scientists for fuck's sake! Not warriors, not soldiers, not judges, not dictators: Scientists!

Maybe we need some sort of oath like the Hippocratic Oath so that adults with the mentality of children don't have anything to do with tech until they grow up and stop acting erratically or impulsively without any form of constructed thought.

You'd think STEM requiring a somewhat "high" level of education would make us more educated, but no. We act as though we're savages.

What I'm asking you all, is to stop being idiotic and to stop punishing people who did nothing wrong and never asked for any of this. Hell, you shouldn't have the power to punish them in the first place. Deontology, it's a thing, get some.

With great power, must also come great responsibility.

All my love to those in Ukraine, all my hate to those who act as children in the name of "the greater good". In hopes this conflict gets resolved quickly and with minimal casualties.

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