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So I have this repository, with releases,
and I am trying to make it where when you type "npm run get-ss-prebuild" it downloads the latest version of that .exe or .dmg, and installs it to the application. The code is below.

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You mean:


console.log('Hello from myFiles.js!');


  "scripts": {
    "get-ss-prebuild": "node myFile.js" // your JS file to execute


npm run get-ss-prebuild

terminal says:

Hello from myFiles.js!

Hmm. It's supposed to download a repository release from GitHub


"download a repository release from GitHub"
As far as i understand, this is the job that is supposed to be done by your js file and your question is formulated about running it with a npm script and not how to make the job done by the file itself...


Hey so what is the problem specifically? Also lots of console logs in this code and no comments to help us help you 🙂


Hello! I made a js file for when you type "npm run get-ss-prebuild", it executes the code I showed above. Basically what it does is go to my repository's releases on GitHub, takes the latest version, and downloads it into the folder. Like a npm package.

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