Another request: Can you figure out why i get a blank screen?

voidcharm on September 04, 2019

So, about my github repository, My main html file is in public folder, but when i deploy to zeit, nothing shows up...

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I am not familiar with the library you are using, but have you tried running npm build? Looking at the webpack config in your repository it should bundle your JavaScript and insert the script tag into your index.html. It should output to the dist directory.

It kind of looks like webpack is not bundling your Javascript (which probably means npm build is not running). Your hosted project has no script tag other than Google analytics in it.

But I don't know anything about hosting on zeit or about the library you are using.


Sorry if im asking alot of questions


Do you have a live URL that you can share?

It looks like your index.html file in public might not be pulling in your JS files?

(Disclaimer: I'm not super familiar with Node. Maybe you can find someone/people through the Codebuddies Slack group that can help?)

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