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In all seriousness, I generally think of it as “dev dot tee oh” for folks who don’t know, and then “dev too” or “dev” for folks who know what it is.

Practical Dev is just the Twitter account, though I’d like to do something new to maybe differentiate it. ThePracticalDev will always be the origin story. ❤️

Here’s a little aside for anyone reading this right now: Can anyone get to the bottom of who owns As much as we all love, if we migrated to it would kind of cement the whole journey. But no idea who owns it.


I honestly think that rocks more than


I found an other website that is also hosted on the same IP has, however the WHOIS information is also hidden.
That website also seems dead, you can view file directory and found some files that I hope contain fake data... I can send you the link if you are interested.
If the last modified dates are correct then last activity was around August 2018.


Reminds me of that episode where you were invited on Software Engineering Daily podcast Assuming you already tried this, but maybe if enough people ask they will eventually give a response.


For me it's It's whole lot shorter, although it doesn't roll off the tongue as much as as the other two.


iirc 'The Practical Dev' is for the Twitter account. DEV,, DEV Community, etc, all refer to here and are acceptable


I always tend to say, but I've never been quite sure!


Devito, as in Danny, but the line on the "i" ran away.


I tend to say "dev" or "dev to" when speaking with dev folks; and "Dev Community" with non-dev folks


I just had this exact conversation with my coworker.

I'm a "dev dot to" person myself.


We call it “dev too” around the office.

Seems to work pretty well.

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