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Discussion on: Deno 1.0 is out!

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Vladimir Jovanović • Edited on

I am not a fan of this online requirement in order to download and run modules at run time. IMHO this alone is another SPOF, because if for some reasons Internet goes down, you are doomed. Maybe I got something wrong, but this is my impression. I guess that they are caching this in some deno_modules type of folder?

Another problem that I see is that they are vetting modules personally, which is all great now at the start, but this approach doesn't scale. This is a future bottleneck and an opportunity to reject future modules because someone from this vetting team dislikes how someone writes their code. This will lead to fanboyism.

bad feeling

I'll stick with nodeJS and to be honest, I am tired from "never seen before / revolutionary" tech in front-end / back-end. Let them prove themselves before we all jump in ;)

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Eric J. Smith

That’s not how it works. During dev you give it permission to download your deps. Then you ship your deps folder with your app. So the prod version isn’t downloading anything.