My first Chrome extension

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Hi people, how are you doing?

I’m here to show you my first published extension for Chrome Browser. It’s called Tabs Manager, and as the name says, it’s used to manage your tabs. I’ve made this extension because often I find myself with so many opened tabs that it’s hard to find the right tab.

To solve this problem, I’ve made an extension to help me search for my tabs. In the first version, the only function available is the search function, in which you can open the tabs list and filter by the name. When you find the right tab, you can press Enter and go directly to the tab.

The design was made and implemented by my friend Rodrigo. His work can be found @ Behance
The source code is available @ GitHub
The extension is available @ Chrome Web Store

I hope that this extension can be useful for you as it is to me.
Any feedback and help is welcome.

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,


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