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Miquel Camps
Miquel Camps

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My crazy Resume, based on Resident Evil game

Hi there!

My name is Miquel Camps, I'm a web developer based in Spain, you can find me on twitter and linkedin.

TLDR: You can visit the Resume website here

Why Resident Evil?

I do enjoy videogames playing and making them too as a hobby, I think they can help you to escape the daily rutine and open your mind in a creative way.

If you check my posts you can see my resumes based on videogames like Mario Bross, Age of Empires, Commandos, etc. and now Resident Evil because I'm a big fan of the saga, especially RE4 and RE2 Remake.

I know this is not the best idea to get a job, maybe no one will understand this, I made it for fun, to be different.

Resume parts

1- Resume: This is the first thing you can see, you can control a guy (Leon S. Kennedy) to move over the map using the keyboard or mouse, if you shoot any zombie with the mouse you can know more details about me (Contact data, Skills, Experience, Tools).

2- Mini game: If you hit the red button with the crosshair you can play a mini game, where i want to show you another experience using the same assets.


I know the code can be better, I put all my energy to do it fastest as posible and provide a good experience on desktop and mobile.

Any questions?

If you want to ask about something, you can leave your comment below.

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Shashwat Verma

Haha, played it, works like butter!

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Miquel Camps

thank you Shashwat for your comment :)

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Careers Wale

I started playing resident evil 7 only after the launch of Reframework, its a game engine for mhrise and RE series.