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Discussion on: Would you use a webapp to search linux commands

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Vivek Author

Thanks. BTW how do you store the frequently used commands? do you use documents to store them. You may want the commands with longs paths or multiple options to be stored somewhere.

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Ben Sinclair

Commands with long paths don't matter. You make sure they're either installed to somewhere on your $PATH (which is going to be the case with anything installed from a repo) or you copy/link them somewhere like $HOME/bin and add that to your path in your shell configuration. The only time I need to know the full path to something is when I'm writing a cron job, and then I can find it using which or locate if I need to.

There's also and its accompanying client that can be installed with npm, which has a pretty large database of community-provided examples. Mostly these are similar to the examples provided at the end of man pages, but there are a lot more of them and they're presented without extraneous fluff. I don't really use it because I tend to forget it exists, and can almost guarantee that whatever I'm looking for is the one weird case that nobody thought to make as an example, so I end up back at the manual anyway!