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You will always have to pay the ICANN registrar fees if you want to register a domain on a top-level domain (TLD), especially a premium one like .dev. The cheapest prices you'll find would be at (market rate, but they're the oldest and most reputable domain name registrar.)

Otherwise, if you don't mind settling for a subdomain, e.g. (where is a domain you don't own), check out


I don't want a sub domain , i think i need to buy .dev domain 😬


Yep, unfortunately, there's no other way to get one. :( Thankfully, domains aren't terribly expensive in general. Most .dev domains are about $17 a year. Hope you can get the one you want!

Jason .dev with SSL will be $30 maybe πŸ€”

SSL doesn't cost extra. Let's Encrypt provides that on any domain you own for free.


my portfolio is already deployed on : but it is a github site can i use wordpress with it ?


I already have a domain in but ibwant to deployva wordpress site .


What about Hugo? You can deploy Hugo with Github Action


Check out Freenom. They provide certain domains like .ml and .tk for absolutely free, although if you do anything bad with your domain they’ll revoke it.


Not available in my country 😭😬

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