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re: Hi Vitali! My business is more in the service industry (it's a marketing agency), so we're doing less productized selling. However, I can still giv...

okay okay,

First of all, MANY MANY thanks!

"have a content strategist review the content on your site to ensure you're putting your product in its best light" --

Meaning by that there are people who might get paid once and just help me build a roadmap on advertising? I don't have a stable budget to pay for SEO but if I understood you properly, I might pay once and get huge help, if this is true it satisfies me. I didn't know such people do exist.
Please let me know if I indeed understand you properly.

That's correct! What you're looking for is a digital marketing strategy. There are companies and freelancers who offer this as a one-time service to get a plan in place, and then you execute it yourself.

Ohh W-O-W you're so great! I didn't know they exist, I had a such bad experience so far in freelancing websites. I'll check it out and I honestly will be thankful to you so-much. Thanks Kelly, thanks a lot. May I wish you the best with your company and your business :)

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