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Hi Kelly, you wrote you're a business owner. I also try to establish my own stuff on my own, I have a product but I fail to reach people. Can you help me and tell how did you manage to get your first sells or reach other people?


Kelly, I saw you replied me today with a <3 just wanted to wish a happy holiday!!! :)
Please let me know if I can contact you to get few tips for help with publishing.


Hi Vitali! My business is more in the service industry (it's a marketing agency), so we're doing less productized selling. However, I can still give you a few words of advice. Take a look at how you're promoting your product via social media. Cater your message to your target audience. If you're unsure about your messaging, have a content strategist review the content on your site to ensure you're putting your product in its best light. (Definitely double-check grammar and spelling, as these errors create opportunities for doubt.) The first few customers are the most difficult to get, but stick with it!


okay okay,

First of all, MANY MANY thanks!

"have a content strategist review the content on your site to ensure you're putting your product in its best light" --

Meaning by that there are people who might get paid once and just help me build a roadmap on advertising? I don't have a stable budget to pay for SEO but if I understood you properly, I might pay once and get huge help, if this is true it satisfies me. I didn't know such people do exist.
Please let me know if I indeed understand you properly.

That's correct! What you're looking for is a digital marketing strategy. There are companies and freelancers who offer this as a one-time service to get a plan in place, and then you execute it yourself.

Ohh W-O-W you're so great! I didn't know they exist, I had a such bad experience so far in freelancing websites. I'll check it out and I honestly will be thankful to you so-much. Thanks Kelly, thanks a lot. May I wish you the best with your company and your business :)

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