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Hiiiiiiii I implemented my first chat app server using ssh tunel !!!!!! Please Please Please come to visit me*!*


Source code here:


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I’ll come visit tomorrow. Will this remain online for a long time?


Yes, this computer is connected to the internet for a month already :)


It's a small MintBox, electricity and power efficient)))


Cool - I didn’t know about Mintboxes ^ I have a raspberry at home

Yes, they are small very comfortable actually. I found accidentally that the company is are my neighbours XD And it has even a 2hrs battery inside! For preventions of a data loss. Very cool thing.


So cool, so nice ^ I had a visit from Iran ♥
(Our countries hate each other and I've got a chance to meet friend from there :D)

I saw your message bro/sis if you see this :)
Come hang around again if you can, you are welcome))))))))))


Yes sorry, I don't know about webrtc security really. Good job though. I shal have to look into what the heck this is 😁


I'm using only Curses, a perl library for the GUI. The rest is just curl over http.

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