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How I got a new job writing one article


I recently wrote an article (PT-BR) about Solana, it being my first steps in crypto development. I spent some time studying and writing, when I published it on Twitter, one day later they called me to work with the stack.

Be generalist

In the beginning, it doesn't make sense to study something specifically because you don't know what you want yet. The concept must be the same as in schools, learning different themes in parallel to funnel with time, discovering their tastes and the like. That's how I, as a front-end developer, started to study crypto as a full-stack. This methodology allows you to cross with themes that complement each other and form the snowball of knowledge, where themes complete each other and you are better at solving problems. For this reason, I would even recommend that all development be full-stack. Knowing the front-end to a back dev makes it better just as knowing the back-end to a front-end developer makes it better. Study everything you can, all knowledge is complete.

Personal SEO

As I'm building a personal SEO, any topic that I consider relevant to me that is reproducible for the community, I plan on writing about. That was the idea in the documentation for my article on full-stack development with Solana. When I was almost finished, I shared it on Twitter, so people can send PRs to the project and I can improve on something.

Building a blog, with themes that are useful to you, describing experiences and problems, creates personal SEO, and outsiders need to get to know you.

Learning in public is also part of personal SEO. Post your questions and answers on Twitter by marking people who can RT your question, creating a win-win relationship. The same thing with communities, look in Discord for example.

One article, one work

After the article was published, exactly one day passed and I received a proposal in the email to work with the stack. The article served as a way to show what I know, what I want to know and can know, and this made a job interview possible. My result was quick as I had a bit of luck, personal SEO and documentation can take a while to reap the rewards, patience is a virtue.

I went to the interview, passed and now I'm working out some things - I still haven't accepted the proposal.


Create personal SEO so you can reach people. Document your activities, experiences, and practice Learn in Public.

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