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Vishwas Tyagi
Vishwas Tyagi

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Need help with Resume

I finished my resume today. I'm not sure how to write a good resume. I need someone to go over it and make valuable suggestions on how I can improve it.

Resume link:

Please feel free to offer your valuable suggestions.

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Subham Sahu

❌: Not good
✅: Good

  1. Good spacing, and everything is formatted, aligned well. ✅
  2. Lot of empty spacings. ❌
  3. Education should be first for new grads and students. (I think) ❌
  4. Included certificate link, project link. ✅
  5. Using wierd acronyms. DSA, OOPS, OS, etc. ❌ (Instead write full form in most cases. Atleast, DSA, and OS can be replaced with full form)
  6. Add one more project maybe?
  7. Project description can be better.

Again these are just my opinions. Overall, it's a nice CV and in future as and when you will get more things to write, it should automatically become more polished. Good work. :)

vishwastyagi profile image
Vishwas Tyagi

Thanks for your suggestions. I really appreciate you have taken the time to review my CV.

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