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Spanish - Native
English - Fluent

My goal is to learn Japanese one day.


Japanese - it is a challenge! Why this language?😊


Because I am in love with many aspects of Japanese culture: manga and anime (visual arts in general), music, car culture and personalization, their history and the way they think and act. I think that learning Japanese will allow me to better understand their culture and access more information and documentation, in addition to being able to interact with people from that country.

I would love to meet some Japanese programmers, and contrast their experiences with mine, their tastes in terms of languages ​​and applications ...

Sometimes I watch korean doramas.
Who knows, maybe one day I will start learning korean.πŸ˜€

Why not? Learning things it's always interesting, whatever you want to learn.

Like we say in Spain, "Knowledge does not take up space".

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