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Magento 2 multi-vendor commission and payments for sellers

Sellers sell their products on websites using Marketplace like Purpletree Magento Multivendor and customers purchase seller products from the website.

When a customer makes purchases, the order payment goes directly to the admin as in the configured payment method. In our Purpletree multivendor extension admin takes some commission from the order as configured in the commission section. Admin Commission is of 3 types

Category Commission
Seller Commission
Global Commission

After deducting the admin commission, the admin will make the rest of the payment to the seller. Seller payment and admin commission-only includes product cost. If any tax or discount or any other value is added in order that cost remains with admin but admin can make any payment to the seller as admin wants as we do not stop admin from making any additional payments to any seller. That payment record will be saved and can be accessed by admin or seller at any time. Admin can make payment to the seller in any mode, in Purpletree Multivendor, admin only has to record the payment. Like if Payment is done by cheque, then record the cheque number in transaction id and set the status to “In Process” until the cheque is cleared. Whenever cheque is cleared edit the payment record and change the status to “Complete”. Admin and seller both can view all the payment records any time, but only admin has to permission to add/edit any payment record anytime.

On the Seller side, the seller can view Summary of the payments as:

Total Sales
Total Commissions
Paid Amount
Due Amount
Total Sales include a total of all the seller products sold on the website. This amount excludes any tax payment, discount or any other cost added in the main order total.

Commissions are the admin commission which is calculated based on Commission criteria, Commission is only calculated for orders which are completed by admin after seller order completion means Admin has to set each seller order complete(Re-verify) in seller orders view from admin in order to get a commission of each order.

Paid Amount is the total payment made to the seller by admin, this payment includes all the payment records no matter that payment is completed or in process or even canceled, As long as the record of the payment is in the list that payment is recorded in the paid amount.

Due Amount is the total pending amount which has to be paid to the seller by admin for rest of the order

Admin can make payment to the seller from the seller page or from the Payments page.

To make a payment from the Sellers page edit the particular seller from the seller's list, then click on the Payments tab. There you see the list of payments done to the seller and Make Payment button. Click on the “Create Payment” button and record the payment.

Alternatively, From Manage Payments Click on Add New Payment and Select seller from the list and add payment record for any seller.

Add the following filed to make any payment to the seller

Transaction Id — Enter Reference id, Cheque no, etc in this field
Payment mode — Enter payment mode by which payment was made like Online, Cheque, PayPal Transfer, etc
Amount — Total amount paying to the seller.
Seller — Select seller from the list to which payment is to be made.
Status — Enter status of the payment, like In Process, Hold, Complete.

Hope this article was helpful in explaining payments and commission procedures. If still any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

More details of the Marketplace for Magento 2 Multivendor can be found here.

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