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Discussion on: Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

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Viorel Mocanu

PurgeCSS is wonderful but it's a very missable extra step at the end of the project if the team doesn't have this reflex built into the workflow. The fact that you can purge (and you should purge) doesn't mean everybody does it, unfortunately. Just take a look at the top 1000 sites by traffic (according to e.g. Alexa). Or the 40% of the Internet that's WordPress-based. Things are better than they used to be but are still way off the ideal.

I completely agree with your point of view regarding Tailwind. Cheers for writing this article! :)

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Jared White Author

Yep, Purge CSS is a cool thing to have, but there are a lot of subtle edge cases and bugs that will trip folks up, including me! Not a set-and-forget solution.