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Really love the show! Great job guys! :D I usually listen to you at the gym and have lots of comments I'd like to share but then I never get around to it and it slowly fades away in the farthest confines of my mind. Anyway, I just wanted to show appreciation for you and the show!

Love the thoughtful discussion.
Love the music.

And, most importantly, listening to audiobooks is OK, nothing to be ashamed about. I count listening to audiobooks as reading. In fact, there are some audio versions of books that are just beautiful jewels of awesomeness: Leap First by Seth Godin, wonderful, Artemis with Rosario Dawson awesome, any book by Simon Sinek read by him inspiring (such an awesome communicator that man is), The Stormlight Archive with both male and female voices just genious! Having voices over a book adds a complete different dimension and flavor to the experience. So that's that. Enjoy your audio books. (mic drop) :D


Thanks Jaime, like Malik said, it really does mean a lot! Hopefully in 2019 we can do some of the cool stuff people have been suggesting, we're not taking the time off just to chill (though there will be much chilling hopefully, chilling is important). I'd never heard of Leap First, looks interesting, thanks for the tip!


Chilling is good! :D

Everything Seth Godin is just great. He usually narrates his books and he's just awesome. Leap First is a summary of most of his work plus some, done in a special format with a small audience. Really nice.


Ahhh Jaime that means a lot that you took the time to write out all of your thoughts and comments.

Glad to hear that you love the music, you have @dangolant to thank for that, he picks MOST of the music ;)

I definitely know I need to look into audio books more! I'll try starting off with those ones you mentioned.

Cheers :)

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