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My Point Of Vue

Vino Samari
Developer | Audio Enthusiast
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A series on my experience with the ease of use of working with VueJS and Nuxt


How much javascript to learn before learning Vue
Find a project of interest to use as the base for learning Vue features & workflow best practices
Find utilities that make working with Vue in your IDE enjoyable
Understanding the limitations of Vue & how Nuxt helps optimize our projects
Discover the depth of integrations Vue projects have
Next steps and going mobile with IonicVue and/or Vue Native


  • This table of contents will be edited as the series grows and the technology advances, so be sure to watch this space.

  • There will be a GitHub repo of the project I will be using, and you can follow up with the same codebase or create yours. The processes don't vary too much between projects.

Happy Vueing!

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Collins Anele

I would React to this series.