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Discussion on: Sorbetting a gem, or the story of the first adoption

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Vinicius Stock

Thanks for the great post! Your findings are extremely valueable for anyone trying to adopt the Sorbet.

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markus heiler

Why exactly?

It does not really address the type annotation situation from an objective point of view. To be fair it is also not that subjectively biased either; but even then he makes huge claims such as:

"this is a huge leap forward for Ruby itself (especially, compared to other evolutionary features like pipeline operator)."

He does not explain why it would be a "huge" leap forward. I don't see what is leaping here.

And he contrasts it to the pipeline syntax sugar. Well, I don't like the pipeline syntax either; don't hate it but just don't see a point. But this is still so totally different to the SCOPE of sprinkling type annotations all over a code base with the deliberate attempt to make it uglier and less readable than it was before, for the promised gain in return that certain errors will be caught (which real ruby hackers don't run into - you only have this problem IN BIG COMPANIES where the worker drones have to churn out code for a living).

Keep ruby clean - that should be the main motto.