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re: Thanks a lot. We're definitely some of the folks interested. And we'd probably get involved with Sail ourselves plus the community if it were live...

This is awesome! I'm very flattered that you took such an interest in the gem.

I won't be able to get to the issue until the 25th (I will be out on vacation with little access to my computer), but I will gladly put together a pull request to add it to dev.to.

Then people can checkout to the branch and test it out, see if it suits your needs. Another idea would be to have the styling look like the overall dev.to design. That'd be pretty cool, I love the visuals on this site.

Anyway, I' m excited with the collaboration!

Awesome. Us or someone else may get to it sooner (or decide it isn't actually a good idea), but very happy with this approach and definitely excited to collaborate. Your involvement in both projects would be a real boon to everything!

Enjoy the vacation!!!

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