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As always: it all depends.

I have spent 4 years in my previous job and didn't get into my comfort zone at all. Until the very last day I was learning and trying new stuffs. So now you might ask why did I get a new job. I went for it as a personal challenge. New country, new life, new product, new... I wanted to try it all.

I honestly think that if you stay something less than 2 years on a job is because the company just not suits you and you have the opportunity to work somewhere else. Because if the company suits you I'm pretty sure you'll have enough challenges and develop yourself in 2 years.

Going back to your questions:

  • Yes, I've interviewed candidates. First I like to know why is he/she looking for a new job and if there is something from the previous position that they didn't like. Second, if the candidate's job changing rate is too high I would look into all available candidates before hiring he/she. As someone that is hiring I don't want to have someone for a short period of time which in most cases is not enough to have impact in the business.
  • IMHO age shouldn't matter but it is not true for most of the companies :/

Sounds like you had a nice position and I hope you are enjoying your new one just as much 😄

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