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Discussion on: Case Study: Building a Component Library

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Vincent Humeau

Really interesting post! I love design systems. Learned a lot from your lessons, I'm currently creating an update to my component library with Atomic Design. I use SCSS with css custom variables to drive the base UI and to easily theme the app (Dark Theme, high contrast themes etc. And generate all the utility classes and atoms components. I try to do this base UI kit framework agnostic so I can use it in both SPA and SSR apps. I use Storybook in this new version, I was using kss in the previous one. I'm looking into giving the ability for designer to download components as well into sketch files so we can all work from the same library. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey !

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Kathryn Grayson Nanz Author

We're also super interested in finding a way for designers to download sketch (or really any type of editable) files – let me know if you make any progress on that front! I've seen this, but haven't had a chance to actually try it out yet: