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Thoroughly compiled list Fayaz! While apps like Polr, Rocketchat, ElasticSearch, Nextcloud are good free alternatives but there's the effort of hosting, maintaining/debugging & upgrading them.

This would imply only people with the requisite know-how can use them rather than all. Given the complexity of some of those apps, wouldn't that lead people to switch back to paid options?


I guess so, but sometimes you need to build something on top of these OSS projects, say a client has a requirement of something like Google Drive for his organization, you dont have to build it from scratch, just build on top of these projects.

I recently read a post by @ben on how someone built a forum/blogging platform on top of dev.to as it is open source. That is a great example actually.

But for individuals, its best to use the free versions of these proprietary software.


In that use-case, yes OSS projects would help save time & effort.

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