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Discussion on: Job rejection depression

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Vinay Hegde

This reply is priceless! Most won't but there are few considerate recruiters who give useful, actionable feedback should one ask them politely. Majority will retort with excuses like employer confidentiality, generic rejection messages or worst case, no reply whatsoever.

Been in your exact shoes ~2 years ago Lloyd, so I personally can relate to the agony. Rejections are hard (no matter their number) but it's something you'd need to accept as a bitter truth. The sooner, the better otherwise it'll take a toll on your psyche like you've said.

Adding onto the insights here, I'd recommend keep on learning new things you find interesting & relevant to your career (1 at a time, though) & pace yourselves while applying.

PS: Hang onto your belief just a while more, a miracle is always around the corner.