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Discussion on: Pros & Cons of Remote Work?

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Vinay Hegde Author • Edited on

Glad to know you related to them, Frank! I believe something like this can be treated as an absolute binary (i.e: 0 or 1, on or off, pros or cons) than ambiguity since people will either find favor with remote working or not.

On that note, could you share some excerpts from your article for those of us who don't have a paid subscription om Medium?

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Frank Font

Hi Vinay,

I'm not so sure it is binary for everyone. Some folks like working from home "sometimes" and in "some ways". Everyone has their reasons. :)

Here is a friend link to the mentioned posting:

It gets around the paywall.


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Vinay Hegde Author

Thanks for sharing the post, Frank! Reading it made understanding your previous point of why people will like office/WFH based on their needs & circumstances much easier.