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Discussion on: What's your atomic bomb?

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Vinay Hegde

In my opinion, the software behind any social media (if not handled carefully) would be an atomic bomb!

It starts off as something very useful that connects people globally but then explodes & spreads like a wildfire, i.e: The recent case of Facebook's Cambridge Analytica

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Ben Halpern

Based on Facebook’s entire history, which showed pretty consistent contempt for the users, Cambridge Analytica hardly seems like a coincidence or accident. It’s exactly what they built towards.

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Ryan • Edited on

I remember first using Facebook's Graph API a couple years back. I only wanted to get engagement data (shares, likes, comments) for posts on a given page. I checked the documentation to see how often I could hit it within the rate limit.

The docs said we were allotted 2,000 calls per user per day.

One page like = one user.

Any medium-sized page or app which was so inclined could have (and probably did) stockpile loads of data.

The shocking thing about Facebook isn't they doled out everyone's data, it's that they did it for free.

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

I always felt that it was just me who thought Mark Zuckerberg must be as haughty as depicted in The Social Network but from your statement, I believe I'm not the only one :D