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Discussion on: Alternative ‘Doors’ to your Windows

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Vinay Hegde Author
  1. The tutorial was comprehensive as is the program with its multiple features like you said, Ivan! However, the two-digit price is only appealing if you're a resident of either the US, Australia, UK or the EU. From my experience in India, not many would be inclined to pay $49 AUD (~Rs 2500 as of 27th June) for a software unless it saves someone's life :P

Quick question - What would you recommend: Directory Opus Light or Directory Opus Pro Single based on your usage so far?

  1. Never knew the taskbar was capable of making it so easy to organize running programs on any PC, that's something new I learned.

  2. Link Shell Extension is by far the most thorough app I've seen to leverage Hardlinks on Windows.

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Ivan Petrov

Well, in Bulgaria there is the same mindset of not willing to pay for software just out of principle :) I think a more mature way of looking at this is - Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
I haven't used the Light version, so I cannot make a fair comparison I am afraid.