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Discussion on: Reviving career after a break and post multiple rejections!

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Vinay Hegde Author

Thank you so much for the pep talk!!

When dealing with recruiters, I've always been confident than desperate to illustrate my capability. Its just the putting myself down was something I thought of sharing since someone here may face them now or in the future. For anyone who's going through a similar experience, please feel to reach out to me.

My non profit organization was not as noble as I would like it to be now. It was mainly about knowledge sharing around creative coding and digital arts. Introducing people to art created from coding.
That sounds amazing, how did you come up with the idea? Is there a link where I could see what you've created?

For the approaching question I would keep it via the official road. But if you have contact with these people I would definitively contact them and ask them how you can improve as your are eager to move forward in your career.
For every role that I'm declined via personal email from their HRs, I do ask for feedback towards improvement but only 10-20% revert. I assume that must be the legal requirements you were talking about.

I would browse job offers similar to the kind of position you want to apply and see what tech and soft skills you might need to improve to be the perfect fit. Meet people that do have this kind of job and talk with them even through social network (and here is a good place for that I think). I would train myself to interview with blank interview I mean keep active and convince yourself you will succeed and that will happen. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but the day after yes

  • That's precisely the reason for this blog post :)
  • The interaction with people having those roles is something that I'll get doing right away. I don't have many of them but the ones I know could be of some help here.