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Discussion on: Reviving career after a break and post multiple rejections!

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Vinay Hegde Author • Edited on

Those are very valid points Dian, thanks for bringing them up!

While I was previously working, I did follow your approach of gaining experience so as to land a job of my interests before taking an abrupt break, unfortunately I didn't have much luck then.

Also, given the uncertainty of this industry - I feel re-trying something similar will leave me back to square one rather than help me proceed.

If you don't mind, could you please share any medium wherein I can connect with you personally to have a quick discussion on this?

I can be reached directly via email.

Again, many thanks for your clear and logical suggestions!

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Dian Fay

Comments are free but 1:1 career counseling is a job, and I don't have the time or honestly the inclination to take that on. Good luck out there!

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Vinay Hegde Author

No problem, Dian!

I really appreciate you taking time and being inclined in sharing some great advice so far. Good luck to you too!