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Discussion on: How do you survive over a year of rejected applications?

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Vinay Hegde

Hi Everyone,

Can relate to every word of your narration, Christopher! And with all of the people who may have been in this scenario.

My situation from the past 6 months is somewhat similar,
as 60% of the time - my application is rejected without even the 1st round of interview.
In 35%, I usually make it past atleast 4-5 rounds - which are positive (in some cases - the offer) only to be put down by reasons beyond my comprehension.
The remaining 5% simply don't respond which is something I find very weird.

Could anyone here please recommend me as to what I should be doing better?

PS: I've been a Linux Systems Administrator with ~4 years of experience looking to transition into either DevOps / Operations / Site Reliability Engineering.
You can find my complete portfolio here [] and reach out to me via []

Thanks in advance!