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Discussion on: Why working remotely is a double-edged sword

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Damir Franusic Author

First, I would like to thank You for soldiering through to the end of the article. Secondly, I completely understand your point, and the advice conveyed by the article is that everybody should take some time to think before ignorantly accepting the terms of employment.

Sometimes you just have to accept anything to stay afloat, financially speaking. I worked on a single project for 2 years completely alone, followed by another one that took another 2 to complete. Needless to say, it completely destroyed my psyche. People have different personalities and react differently in various scenarios. Some are even unaware of their own character traits and are forcing themselves slowly but surely into a full-on burnout.

After having been through a lot during the last 3 years, I had to completely reinvent myself, and this is one of the reasons I started being a part of this community. My viewpoint on life had to change and strive towards proactivity, rather then submission.

Hopefully this article will reach its intended audience and encourage people to take a step back before making critical decisions. I am also starting a new job tomorrow, and have stated in advance that I'm leaving at the first sign of potential burnout.

There are numerous articles on this or similar topics, some are more personal then others, but they all speak of the same inherent problems of this day and age.

Yours truly,

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Hi Damir. No problem, thanks for writing it. Obviously this was your approach and my approach is still a learning curve.

The one thing I learned, this time round, was to try and come out with a number of tangible products which could get taken forward as individual products to market. Before, I thought I had a great insight into the property market and if I built it how I would like it, people would come. Then I listened to people and changed my approach and got wrapped up in knots. Some of this advice was legal, some from people who were well meaning or people who weren't really friends at all. It takes time to figure this all out.

I looked back on previous versions and realised that the concepts were muddled, certain screens were poorly implemented and users probably wouldn't understand it. There was little or no automation and everything was small MVP demos.

I figured out - in my case, the most important thing is to have a platform capable of delivering different business angles. This will allow me to pivot the product to the audience IF I CHOOSE. In other words, build a core platform and then the specific reports and data. This may mean I can offer the platform as a product independent of my original idea.

This is the opposite of most advice given to startups, build an MVP and keep getting investment. I just can't subscribe to that.

Another thing I have done is to speculate/invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets. This is not enough money to not work, but I should be in a position where I don't lose any money whilst I am not working. It is important to make sure you don't feel like you are losing.

You are right to put your article out. Certainly, many people will go down this path and find they end up not achieving what they intended and impoverish themselves in the process. Take a read of my article which explains examples of bad projects.

Good luck tomorrow.

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Damir Franusic Author

Thanks, I have just bookmarked it and will read it later.

Yes, tomorrow, the day the Earh will once again stand still 😉